Palomeras y Gambús – Pieles y cueros


We take care of the whole production process

Collecting and selecting skins

We collect skins daily with our transport fleet. This means we can ensure they are quickly processed. We select skins one by one to make sure they go to their ideal destination.

Chilling hides

We have two cooling chambers: in the first one we lower the hanging hide’s temperature to 2°C and the second one keeps the hide at this temperature without variations until it is processed.

Salting skins

The salting process is mechanised to ensure an even and uniform distribution for the 21 days of the hide’s curing. Desalting of the hides is mechanically assisted, ensuring that all excess salt that is not required for conserving the hide is removed.

Tanning process

We entrust the tanning process to the best European companies in the sector. These use the latest tanning and environmental process technologies. In this way, we comply with all of the requirements to be able to supply the best luxury-product companies.

Wet Blue

We have two classification centres, one in Italy and another in Spain, where we check the hides one by one to optimise our product and at the same time save our clients unnecessary losses. We offer clients the option of selecting hides in our facilities.

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