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At your service since 1981

Palomeras y Gambús is a family company. We start by collecting fresh hides from abbatoirs and we then carefully classify them in the selection and fresh hide cutting process. Once we have classified the hides, as can supply clients with fresh, salted, wet blue or wet white hides, providing hide processors with the raw materials that best fit their needs.

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Our aim is quality

Every one of the 450,000 hides we process per year is carefully collected using our own logistics chain, which takes care of our raw material from the moment it leaves the abbatoir to start its path towards optimal use.

Hides are chilled and carefully prepared for processing when they arrive at our facilities. At that point, a careful quality classification and control process begins so that each individual hide goes to the most appropriate destination for transformation.

Each selected hide is processed in accordance with our clients’ needs. Hides can be salted and/or desalted and also wet blue or wet white, depending on their final destination in line with strict quality control and environmental protocols.

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