Palomeras y Gambús – Pieles y cueros


We collect and produce hides

Palomeras y Gambús’s principal activity is collecting fresh hides from abbatoirs. We then classify these in the fresh selection and cutting process, starting a process that ends with a variety of finishes depending on the needs of the manufacturer clients and the end market. We currently produce 450,000 hides each year, making us one of the largest companies in Europe in our sector.

Our origins

Palomeras y Gambús was founded in 1981, starting as a family business dedicated to collecting hides from different abbatoirs across Catalonia. Since our beginnings, we have selected very high-quality hides and we are constantly dynamically and with agility adapting, implementing different innovations both in the finishes of the hides and in production process so that we can meet the needs of our clients who use hides for their end products.


Over 40 years at your service!

With this constant evolution, our aim at Palomeras y Gambús has always focussed on giving our customers what they really need. This is why our products comprise 3 sales lines: fresh hides, salted hides and wet blue or wet white hides. With these three lines, we can meet the needs of all types of clients and potential markets.

We currently supply our products to over 130 clients, primarily European ones with a great influence in the luxury leather goods and high-end upholstery sectors.

Here are some interesting facts about our history.

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