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Wet blue

Wet Blue

The most versatile hide

We process wet blue hides in cooperation with Europe’s best tanning companies.
In this process, we use the latest tanning process and environmental protection technologies.

We prepare your order to your requirements

Our customers can select the hides that best meet their needs in regards to size, thickness, quality and quantities.
Available from either of our two classification centres in Spain and Italy.



  • Size -3,8 m2
  • Thickness 1,8 mm a 2,4 mm
  • 4 grain classifications

Leather goods and footwear


  • Size 3,8 – 4,8 m2
  • Thickness 1,8 mm a 3,0 mm
  • 4 grain classifications



  • Size +4,8 m2

  • Thickness 1,8/+ mm

  • 6 grain classifications

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